Anegada Approach Chart

Anegada Approach Chart

Product Description

This highly detailed nautical chart is a must for sailors that want to visit Anegada safely. It accurately depicts the approach to the anchorages at the western end of Anegada, including the Anegada Reef Hotel anchorage, Neptune's Treasure, and the Pomato Point anchorage. The shaded depth contours are in 2 foot intervals.

Anegada is surrounded by dangerous reefs that have claimed over 150 vessels. Boats still go aground on the Anegada Reef very often. If you are sailing to Anegada, then using this chart along with the detailed instructions on our Navigating To Anegada web page will make your trip safe and enjoyable.

This chart large scale (1:20000) chart is 11 inches wide and 14 inches tall, and is printed on durable heavy chart paper.

Note: All other printed charts and GPS data for this area are derived from surveys made over 150 years ago. Most other sources have incorrect depictions of the Anegada entrance. Groundings and serious injuries have occurred while navigating the Anegada entrance with up-to-date (but incorrect) electronic charts. Our chart was made from extensive actual surveys of the area performed by us (Walker and Nancy Mangum) in 2004 and updated in 2006 and 2014. This is the only recent charting of the water near Anegada.