Bomba Shack Print

Bomba Shack Print
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Product Description

The Bomba Shack on Tortola's north shore at Cappoon's Bay is one of the best known landmarks on Tortola. This ramshackle collection of driftwood, plywood, tin roofing, and pieces of surfboards is a popular hangout for surfers during the day. Once a month, though, the scene transforms into a gigantic island-style party when Bomba hosts his world-famous Full Moon party.

Much of the 1999 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was photographed at the Bomba Shack.

This colorful graphic art image captures the surreal feeling of one of the most interesting places in the British Virgin Islands.

Pricing and Print Media

This vivid image is professionally printed on premium quality paper with archival inks that will last in excess of 100 years.

The base price listed is for a 40"x8" print on glossy, luster, or matte finish paper. This print is available in smaller sizes, down to 10"x2" with appropriate reductions in price.

For a small additional charge, we can also render this print on top quality textured fine art paper.

Selecting the best print media for you depends on a number of factors. Each of our media choices have excellent brilliance and color saturation. The glossy, luster, and matte media preserve crisp detail. The luster media has a fine surface texture and is not glossy - the type of media that is traditionally used for portraits. The fine art paper gives a luxurious effect that looks very much like a hand painting.