"First Glimpse"

First Glimpse Print
First Glimpse Print
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Product Description

Whenever anyone visits Anegada, they are always excited by their first glimpse of the island. Normally, because of haze and humidity, the island is only visible from a few miles away.

This beautiful graphic art image comes from a photograph that was made on an exceptionally clear day. The photograph was made with an extremely long gyro-stabilized telephoto lens from the top deck of a ferry while still 12 miles away from from Anegada. From this vantage sailboats are visible in the anchorage, but are "hull down", with only the tops of their masts visible above the horizon. The buildings ashore are below the horizon, as is the rest of the island except for the trees.

Pricing and Print Media

This vivid image is professionally printed on premium quality paper with archival inks that will last in excess of 100 years.

The base price listed is for a 12"x18" print on glossy, luster or matte finish paper. This print is available in smaller sizes, down to 4"x6" with appropriate reductions in price.

For a small additional charge, we can also render this print on top quality textured fine art paper.

Selecting the best print media for you depends on a number of factors. Each of our media choices have excellent brilliance and color saturation. The glossy, luster, and matte media preserve crisp detail. The luster media has a fine surface texture and is not glossy - the type of media that is traditionally used for portraits. The fine art paper gives a luxurious effect that looks very much like a hand painting.